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Make a Bed for Byron? Yes? No?

Dear Diary…

Today’s Valentine’s Day. There’s a whole day devoted solely to love. Does that make any sense? Nah. Love makes us all crazy. But it’s fun too.

Lisa Greenwald.

Listen! Can you hear that crashing sound? Yes, that’s the sound of yet another New Year’s Resolution demolished!

As my intention was to have shared some news with you dear reader at least once a month, this is my February post even though even though we are now enjoying the third day of March.

However, as the rest of the calendar year consists of eleven months of at least 30 days – this would be day thirty if it were any other month other than February.

Not that I have anything against February for not only was I hatched and matched in this month, but I also met my ‘other half’ on the 29th and lest we forget, it is THE month in which Cupid’s Arrow flies forth with a profusion of chocolates, expensive red roses and some very dubious love tokens!

Even though I would be happy to find myself lost within a profusion of chocolate confectionery on any month of the year; it was to a small flower shop that I headed for on St Valentine’s Day to be surrounded by roses, cookies and a visit from Little Big Cat!

However, knowing that I resist with an unequivocal “níl aon” for anything requiring the use of needle and thread – quite how I found myself in a fabric shop on a gorgeous day, which also happened to be my birthday is something else!

The Sewing Centre is the horn of plenty to a connoisseur of fabric as the shelves of the hardware store are to a D.I.Y. enthusiast; as it is a veritable Aladdin’s Cave with room upon room stacked ceiling to floor with bolts of fabric of every inconceivable pattern, texture and colour and possessed of an extremely helpful and knowledgeable assistant; which in my case, was just as well.

For with the pleasantries observed and the offer of help extended forthwith, I duly uttered; “I have to make Lord Byron’s bed and am in need of some fabric that resembles Chinoiserie in the colours of green and white and it also needs to have an accent of mustard in the pattern. Do you have anything that you can show me please?”

The reply was gracious to say the very least:

Let me see if I’ve heard you correctly – you have to make a bed for Lord Byron?

However, before I answered in the affirmative; I had realised that some sort of explanation may be called for and a pleasant thirty minutes passed by with some cheerful banter about the merits of the delightful Lord B, the wonder that is Newstead Abbey, the virtues of creativity and of personal challenge; which for me sounded a HUGE note of resonance with this recreation of his Lordship’s huge, ponderous bed complete with lavish swags, tails, tassels and something else that I’m sure to have overlooked!

Give me scraps of wood, a pot of glue with perhaps some powdered filler, access to a tap and I’ll build you a whimsical cottage BUT give me a yard of fabric, needle and thread and I’ll probably run screaming from the room!

And for those who followed my monthly ‘Tee Time’ with the Dolls’ House Magazine may well recall my column from November 2013 in which I mused about how close proximity to the needle and thread makes my heart beat a little faster.

Well, at least in the words of Lord Byron he attributed to his estranged spouse, I remain “admirably consistent” and if you are a little curious about the life of this spouse – there’s plenty to pique your interest within the pages of my Byron Blog.


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