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Please Handle With Care!

Once upon a time as I rattling on to a good friend about my plans for the summer, she shared a childhood anecdote with me when she too had been busy regaling her grandmother about her plans and to which the grandmother had replied: “If you want to make God laugh Susan, tell him of your plans.”

And, yes after the summer that I have just had, I have had cause to reflect upon this conversation with Sue as I witnessed all of my carefully thought out plans evaporate with as much brisk alacrity as that of my New Year’s Resolutions!

It had all began so promisingly with the excitement at being finally reunited with the tools of my trade and a planned schedule of fabulous design, eons of creative thought topped off with delightful messiness and all ready to enjoy after the annual holiday club organised by yours truly had ended triumphant if a little sad, as this was to be my final year.

Only it didn’t quite end this way and the successful week that I had anticipated rapidly vanished!

For it wasn’t enough that I would take a tumble while playing football with a trio of boisterous boys or that I would stand on a chair to lift a heavy stacking box of books thus violating every health and safety procedure I could possibly recall and that the impact of which was not to be a positive outcome for either myself or the box –  for it having duly snapped was consigned to the rubbish bin and my spine was thus contorted into an uncompromising position trapping several nerves and straining the odd tendon or two!

And so at the end of that fateful week when I should have been manipulating several yards of chicken wire onto a plywood base to be thus smothered with yesterday’s news and wallpaper paste – I found myself at my local surgery awaiting a proverbial ticking off with “You should have known better” and a prescription for strong painkillers.

However, I am happy to report that apart from the odd painful twinge now and again, my creative fire burns once more; which is just as well for the doors of a new emporium will finally creak open on All Hallows Eve and on display will be an exclusive array of magickal miniatures.

As you can see, I already have one customer waiting patiently for the doors to open! I wonder if he’s heard the news that there may be the promise of a GIVEAWAY…

Why not fly over to the world of the Crooked Hen for news of the magickal kind or if you are in need of a little retail therapy – the All Hallows Hamlet is always ready to offer a warm welcome!


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