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Wake UP! September’s Over!

Dear Diary…

Summer has come and passed

The innocent can never last

Wake me up when September ends…

© Green Day

It’s probably something of an understatement to tell you that I’m rather glad to see the back of September and that of the month before when my father died suddenly and even though I had walked away from our painful relationship some time ago, these last few weeks have been rather challenging to say the very least!

He died of heart failure in the morning of an early August day at the age of 68 and now when I think of our relationship from my earliest memories and what has been revealed since his death; I really believe at least in the emotional sense that his heart failed him many years ago and with my intention to leave the man to his rest – I shall say no more about it.

Now, can I have a drum roll please? For, wait for it – my website is FINALLY published!

It’s been a long process as I was building them myself and yes, I could have given birth and moved house in the time that it has taken me to arrange the images, text, icons, links and others I have since forgotten about but it felt so wonderful to FINALLY hit the ‘publish’ button!

I’ve also been building in 12th scale over at my studio in Bar Lane and have spent many an hour through August and September wrestling with some MDF, getting messy with paint and glue, cursing at my solder iron, thwarting the mischief from that one Little Big Cat and seeking solace in large cups of tea and the occasional biscuit.

However, as the studio has been so warm and I’ve been working with the windows open, I have found myself an object of curiosity from tourists who while walking along the Micklegate end of the Bar Walls here in York were also enjoying a great view of my studio and so I’ve had to be on my best behaviour, particularly when I realised one day that it was me who was at the end of a long camera lens!

And should you ever stumble across a image on the web tagged ‘Strange Folk of York’ of a woman with wild blonde hair wearing a paint splattered apron and yellow sneakers with something of a crazy look about her – it will probably be me!

Anyway back to the tale about the expansion of my 12th scale property empire and having received more than one request for the secret of my ‘realistic’ stonework, I have put together a recipe for the budding stonemasons among you.

There are so many different ways of creating realistic looking stonework but this is the way for me and if you are going to use a stencil, I have found the best ones from Bromley Craft Products and yes, you can order directly from them.

But what of the 12th scale build that I have devoted most of my summer to, I hear you ask?

Well, as I have also been taking advantage of the glorious sunshine in my garden in which to work on the design for another 12th scale model of the fantastical variety for Crooked Hen Productions; my summer works schedule is a ‘little’ behind schedule but at least I can be thankful that unlike in the ‘real’ world, I shall suffer no financial hardship for any late penalty clause.

However, now that September has come to an end and the celebration of All Hallows Eve is beckoning, I need to wake up and create or I could end up with a wake up call of a different kind!

Now, as to what this 12th scale build will finally be; well, here are some teaser images of my creation in progress to whet your appetite.

And talking of appetites, mine as just been whetted by the sight of a cheeky bar of chocolate which has lurked just out of view – until now!

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