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Dream Big? Why NOT?

Keep looking for those open doors…

One bitterly cold evening and as I put the hens to bed, I could hear the sound of frantic flapping at the end of my garden and with torch in hand I went to look – only to discover that a tiny Blackbird had become trapped in one of my old lobster pots.

As this rusty pot had been wired shut a long time ago and having no idea how this little bird had found their way inside, I went in search of my trusty pliers to prise open the cage.

With my feathered friend becoming increasingly terrified and as I juggled with torch, pliers and one free hand, I eventually managed to prise open some of the cage only the little bird couldn’t see the open door!

Although I had tried moving the cage slowly left and right and back again with no effect and now with frozen fingers and feelings of panic, I gently carried the cage nearer the house and there under the shadow of the huge plum tree, I calmed down and waited.

And waited until this little bird finally found the open door and as my feathered friend flew towards the safety of the tree – I was treated to the most delightful chirping I have ever heard!

Why am I sharing this little tale with you?

After the little bird had flown away into the cold evening and I stood alone in the dark thinking about what had just happened – I was reminded that there is always someone, somewhere to open a door for us, even though we can’t always see it and that we have a choice whether to fly on through or to stay put.

Keep looking for those open doors…

And there may come THAT moment when your exciting plans FINALLY become real and you are reminded that even in the incredible year that was 2020 – dreams CAN come true!

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