On offer and measuring just under 2cm is a miniature glass vial of ‘Mad Mick’s Aches & Pains’

From the shelves of the ‘Harum Scarum Notions & Potions Emporium’ in the All Hallows Hamlet – this is an exclusive (and a somewhat sinister!) remedy freshly brewed from the ancient recipe book belonging to one Claire Eno.

But WHO is Mad Mick and what has he done to inspire such a potion I wonder?

With a pinch of ‘Comfrey’ suspended in resin, labelled in parchment and finished with old paper tied with jute – this little vial will add a perfect finishing touch to YOUR fantastical miniature world…

OR could YOU discover another use for it?

Whatever your plans for this miniature; this unique vial of ‘Mad Mick’s Aches & Pains’ will find its way to you beautifully packaged with a collectible ‘Thank you’ card and a poster from the ‘Harum Scarum Notions & Potions Emporium’.

This is a collectible miniature and as such is NOT intended as a toy OR suitable for children.

Design and Content © Tee Bylo (The Crooked Hen) All Rights Reserved.

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Creating Magick in Miniature…

"Of All Romances in Miniature - Perhaps This is the Best Shape in Which Romance can Appear" ~ Lord Byron

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